About us

About us

The importance of the www.afrik11.com soccer news feed portal is represented by the tons of positive reviews shared among visitors through the whole Internet, as well as the multiple references made to this domain.

All their users find this site really helpful in terms of quick information and updated news feed, as for the trustiness of their source providers. Each month, 24/7, the released press articles are reviewed and a commentary upon them is published on the front page. All their visitors are highly encouraged to leave a comment in which to express their overall user experience and to share their thoughts about the improvements that they would like to see on the online portal.

Main Targets and Initial Purpose

Dating from 2005, this very popular site has increased in reputation massively in a short amount of time. Initially created as a statistics portal to offer information and data to the most frenetic soccer gamblers, the www.afrik11.com platform has rapidly made a way to the top-level websites due to their highly trusted sources of information and their increasing visitor’s rate.

As the modern technology surrounded the social and cultural environment, in almost every respected community, the online platform needed to be reconstructed in order to fulfill the newly requests that came from its users.

In this direction, the entire web portal was newly designed and shaped in 2014 in order to be mobile and tablet responsive and to provide faster page loading and support for administrative operations. Even though the platform owner is receiving money only due to ads placement, the design, complexity and geometry of the site are not astonishing, but in order to make your job and get the needed information, www.afrik11.com is the perfect choice for you.

I would highly like to suggest you reading in the Contact page in order to find out how you can get and download the official www.afrik11.com mobile application and stay in touch with the latest updates, news and reviews provided by this extraordinary platform. All of the details presented on the website platform are just a click away from you with using the Afrika11 application, now available on every mobile app store.