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Contact us

In order to contact our website hosting manager you have available multiple ways. Either by reaching him via a phone call or via a typed email, you can report any problem encountered during your stay on the site and you may get clarifying answers to some of your questions.

The information about the contact details are listed in the following table. I highly encourage you to contact them in the case of fake news or some unrealistic article, in order to let them know about the issue and to correct it, such as in the future this situation never to happen again.


Address Von Brandis St. nr. 199C
City Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone +7 8876 7789 5546
Fax +7 8876 5689 2248

Newsletter Subscription

Ever wondered if it could be a case to receive a typed email with the most recent articles and news posted on the website platform? Well, stop thinking and consider subscribing to Afrik11 newsletter. By joining their group, you wil receive daily emails which inform you about the most recent events and actions that occurred into the major African soccer leagues and about the top transfers planned by the most important teams.

In order to subscribe to their newsletter, you just need to write your email address into the required textbox from the webpage and click the submit button. After the insertion of your email address into their database has been completed, you will be announced that you were added to their newsletter list.

For ending the newsletter subscription, you will just need to click the “Unfollow” link from the bottom of each received email, and you will automatically be deleted from their recordings.

Download the Afrik11 Mobile App

Stay 24/7 updated with the latest news in terms of African soccer problems and read all about the newly prepared transfers, on Afrik11 mobile application. Developed using the Xamarin platform, the mobile app is available to be installed on every mobile platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

All the information and data available on the site from the browser search is also available on the mobile search, thus conferring a 100% portability and scalability to the statistic African soccer website.

Wheatear you are downloading the app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone, the design and GUI of the software is specially created to map on every user’s level of technical skills, thus no IT expertise is required in order to use this application.