The Cup page within the platform states the current situation of all the cup tournaments on the African continent, as well as the history of them in the previous years.

Based on the statistics and data from the officials within each country, the information is updated at every cup stage and the situation is being modified accordingly. In order to submit a great user interface and to let the visitors manage the current situation easily and in a short period of time, the tournament trees is represented graphically and within the nods of the three are written the teams inside the cup.

History and News Feed

A very important aspect listed on the site is the history of the last 10 years for the analyzed cup. Inside of it, you can find out about the road to the final of the winner team, as well as statistics, data, and commentary of all the played matches.

Again, in order to provide a high quality user experience, the tournament tree is represented graphically and the statistics are under a table form represented.

Due to the limited available storage space, only the most viewed news and articles of the latest cup editions are kept on the site, in order to preserve the sentiment and environment that the tournament created among the African sport viewers.

The live news feed is currently running on, and latest press and TV releases are captured and listed on the site in order to keep their readers updated and informed about the most recent events that have occurred.

African Cup of Nations

A very unique place inside is reserved for the African Cup of Nations, the EURO equivalent for the African continent. Gathering all the nations on the wild continent, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, this extremely important cup is annually viewed by more than 40 million people and attracts tourists and fans from all countries.

The listings for this very special cup are sectioned under 6 categories: Summary, Results, Fixtures, Standings, Teams and Archive.

Under the summary tab you can find out about all the matches scheduled to be played in the current cup stage of the African Cup of Nations, as well as the current state of the tournament tree, represented graphically.

The results page is automatically updated when a match is finished under the jurisdiction of the CAN. In this page you are able to watch all the recorded matches played since the beginning of the current CAN cup, as well as for each game, the number of red cards received by each team and the final score.

Fixtures tab stands for representing the next scheduled matches that are to be played in the current CAF edition. The information available for each game individually are the date and time of the match, the stadium and the odds assigned to each team at some major bet agencies.

In the Standings tab you can see the tournament tree detailed with useful additional information, as well as the ranking for the top scorers inside the CAF cup and the whole Qualification stage for the final round. The Teams page is designed in order to view all the teams that engaged at the beginning of this continental cup.

The Archive category stores the most important information about the previous CAF editions, such as the winner of the tournament and the cup’s year. For example, here is a short list of the latest winner countries of CAF:

  • CAF 2017 – Cameroon
  • CAF 2015 – Ivory Coast
  • CAF 2013 – Nigeria
  • CAF 2012 – Zambia
  • CAF 2010 – Egypt