This page has been created as a result of the frequent calls received by the agency by various users, reporting multiple times a common problem or question. In order to provide a faster answer to these questions, they listed above some of the most common asked problems, along with the answer to them. Enjoy!

Q: How does it come that in the Results page, sometimes, if a team scores, the score will be, let’s say, 1-0, then after a few seconds it goes back to 0-0?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching the Support Centre of Afrik11. In order to answer to your question I must present you the mechanism of real-time score keeping.

In order to achieve fast response time about all the events occurred during a game, our company has made a contract with all the major stadiums scoreboards. Thus, every recorded event on the scoreboard is automatically sent to us.

In this way, if a team scores from a position out of play (offside etc.) and the scoreboard, by mistake, changes to 1-0, after a few seconds he returns back, as a result of the incorrect scored goal.

I hope that you understood my answer and for following questions don’t hesitate to contact us again or write us at the email address soccer@afrik11.com.

Q: Can I place a bet straight on your page?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching the Support Centre. All the available bet suggestions on our platform can be seen at the detailed information module of each game apart. In there you can see the odds for 1, X or 2.

In order to place a bet, you are able to click for the desired one, and a redirect to one of the most important bet agency’s webpage will occur. There you can login and place the desired bet.

Unfortunately, our system doesn’t support, at this moment, bet placements, but this feature is being under construction since 1 year and we plan to release the official module by the end of this year. In this way, you will have more than 200 available bets to be placed for each game apart, consolidating our way in the top of African soccer platforms.

I hope that your problem was clarified and in order to get more information about this, read the About page within the www.afrik11.com web platform. For any further questions, please contact us at the phone number +7 8876 7789 5546 or by email at soccer@afrik11.com.