Under this page you are able to find out the latest information about all the leagues on the African continent, as well as their structure and the most important news.

Here are listed all the major leagues processed inside the www.afrik11.com platform, having all their matches closely analyzed by professional trained statisticians and commentators:

  1. Algeria – Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1
  2. Angola – Girabola
  3. Benin – Benin Premier League
  4. Botswana – Botswana Premier League
  5. Burkina Faso – Burkinabe Premier League
  6. Cameroon – Elite One
  7. Central African Republic – Central African Republic League
  8. Chad – Chad Premier League
  9. Congo – Congo Premier League
  10.  Democratic Republic of Congo – Linafoot
  11.  Cote d’Ivoire – Cote d’Ivoire Premier Division
  12.  Egypt – Egyptian Premier League
  13.  Ethiopia – Ethiopian Premier League
  14.  Gabon – Gabon Championnat National D1
  15.  Ghana – Ghana Premier League
  16.  Guinea – Guinee Championnat National
  17.  Kenya – Kenyan Premier League
  18.  Lesotho – Lesotho Premier League
  19.  Liberia – Liberian Premier League
  20.  Libya – Libyan Premier League
  21.  Madagascar – THB Champion League
  22.  Malawi – Malawi Premier League
  23.  Mali – Malien Premiere Division
  24.  Mauritania – Mauritanean Premier League
  25.  Morocco – Botola 1
  26.  Mozambiuque – Mocambola
  27.  Namibia – Namibia Premier League
  28.  Niger – Niger Premier League
  29.  Nigeria – Nigeria Premier League
  30.  Reunion – Reunion Premier League
  31.  Rwanda – Rwandan Premier League
  32.  Sao Tome and Principe – Sao Tome and Principe Championship
  33.  Senegal – Senegal Premier League
  34.  Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone National Premier League
  35.  Somalia – Somalia League
  36.  South Africa – Premier Soccer League
  37.  Sudan – Sudan Premier League
  38.  Tanzania – Tanzanian Premier League
  39.  Togo – Togolese Championnat National
  40.  Tunisia – Tunisian Ligue Professionelle 1
  41.  Uganda – Ugandan Premier League
  42.  Zambia – Zambian Premier League
  43.  Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League

Clubs Politics and Management

www.afrik11.com provides, among the latest information about the stated above top-level leagues, data about the staff of the best teams and future plans pulled out directly from their coaches.

An interesting fact listed on this fantastic domain is the brief review of the pre and post conferences, held by the game key persons. Using this introspection, the review and commentary of the match, decreases in difficulty due to the already presented statistics and thoughts at the official conference.

You may find useful to know that on the site you are able to read all the latest decisions made by the CAF staff members, in order to solve and to organize well-structured league architecture.

Worldwide News Feed

In order to go globally and to gather the attention of visitors from all around the world, the www.afrik11.com platform developed a special Rest of the World section in which all the latest, highly important, news from Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia are being listed.

This was a very smart action performed by the directors of this site as for the fact that results didn’t stop to come in a very short period of time. After no more than 1 month of international soccer news listings, the traffic gathered on the site increased with 300% and the clicks inside the webpage increased by 700%. Having these great numbers, the income received due to the site’s activity became higher and higher, and thus, the budget for shaping the high quality of the provided services could have been performed.